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United Nations’ Fully Funded Training Program for Emerging Youth Champions in Disarmament

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), in partnership with the generous support of the Government of Germany, is extending an invitation to aspiring young individuals to engage in the second installment of the United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament Training Program.

This exceptional training endeavor has been meticulously crafted to impart essential knowledge and skills, furnishing young participants with the aptitude to make meaningful contributions to the disarmament cause within their local communities. At its core, the program aspires to kindle inspiration and empowerment among the upcoming generation of advocates for disarmament.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the United Nations Disarmament Training, prospective candidates must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  1. Age Range: Applicants should be within the age group of 18 to 24 years.
  2. Dedication to Peace and Disarmament: Candidates must exhibit a strong commitment to participating in an innovative educational program designed to augment their capacity for advocating peace, disarmament, non-proliferation, and arms control within their local communities.
  3. Readiness for In-Person Workshops: Successful applicants must be available to attend a regional face-to-face workshop and be willing to travel to the United Nations Headquarters in New York if selected.

Application Procedure

To commence the application process for the United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament Training, potential candidates should follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Online Application Submission: Interested individuals must complete an online application form. It is imperative to ensure that all requisite information and necessary documents are included and submitted within the designated application deadline.

By adhering to these instructions, eligible applicants can set out on the path to becoming advocates for peace, disarmament, and global security through their participation in the United Nations Disarmament Training Program.

Application Deadline: November 27, 2023

Applicants are kindly advised to ensure the timely submission of their applications, with the closing date set for November 27, 2023. This deadline serves as a critical milestone in the application process, and all interested candidates should make diligent efforts to submit their applications before this specified date.

Benjamin Hayes
Benjamin Hayes
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